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Turning clicks into customers

  • Posted on 13 Nov 2020
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The world we are operating business in currently exists to chase clicks, likes and comments like some crazy digital hunt! We don’t always end up with what we went in search for, but here we are carrying the findings of our catch. So often we talk to business owners about their online presence only to have them tell us about their disappointment with the people they have attracted online. Why are people from another country connecting with us when we can’t event do business with them? Question then is, why can’t we?

If you are wanting your conversions to grow, then firstly you need to ensure that you are offering something that is of value and that stands out from your competitors. Understanding your existing customers more will give you great insight into what any potential customers are seeking from you. So get out there and ask what they like, what they like about you and what you could do to improve or make their life even better. 

On top of doing that, here are a few tips on how you can turn those clicks into customers.

1. Improve your website

Firstly, you may not actually need a new website. Maybe you just haven’t updated it since 2015. Now, that’s ok, we are all busy and websites aren’t always easy to update, but Google will actually be your BFF if you have relevant and up-to-date information on it. 


“You know who loves reading testimonials? People who want to buy from you but haven’t yet.”


2. Update ALL of your social media platforms 

Make sure all your efforts are supporting each other and working together. Think of all your social media platforms as an ecosystem of content that is cross-referenced and linked to broadcast the vision of the business. 

3. Set goals 

Without goals, where are you going? You don’t ever get in your car and just drive around with no destination in mind (unless the destination is to just drive around and explore our great region!). So why should we do it in any other part of our life or business. Clearly defined goals for what you would like to achieve will help measure and track your efforts. We have all heard of the term SMART goals which is an acronym for making sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based. 

4. Create a strategy

Not every one of your customers buy or want the same thing, right? So it is important that you break your customers up into groups and target them that way. In marketing terms, we call this segmenting your audience and it is proven to be quite effective. Basically you are putting people with similar buying patterns, needs or likes into a group and offering them something they would like. It saves personal phone calls and when done well it can have a positive impact on enquiries. We often see segmenting used when you haven’t been to your beauty or dentist appointment. So see how creative you can be at segmenting your customers or potential customers and give them an offer they simply can’t refuse. 

5. Put your business in the spotlight 

Advertise. Boost. Promote. Whatever will build more awareness of your business within your budget, do that! No one knows about the business at the end of the street that has the best service in town unless the world knows about it. 

6. Publish testimonials 

You know who loves reading testimonials? People who want to buy from you but haven’t yet. Sharing Karen’s great experience shopping with you could just be another day for you, but for a potential new customer, it is exactly what they are looking for. Let your customers sell your business and what it offers in their words and allow trust to be built. 

7. Get back to people quickly 

Most people purchase using the following method: I’ve seen it. I want it. I’ll buy it. Make sure you make the buying or purchasing part easy and simple. Don’t make people jump through too many hoops to actually get through the checkout. This can be applied to both online and instore experiences. We recommend purchasing something from your business as a customer to fully witness their experience. If you are getting frustrated by it, change it. 

8. Keep going

Customers don’t always flock to us overnight, it does take time, so our advice is be patient and continue doing the things that are generating the most engagement. 

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