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Sign of the times

With the number of signs we are faced with each day, it is easy to take for granted their effectiveness, until we are actually looking for one. Can you recall a time when you were that person holding up traffic simply trying to find a business? I think we have all been lost at one point or another, wishing that the business we were searching for had invested in some decent signage.

“Signage has always been an effective, silent salesman critical in enabling customers to find you…”

Signage for your business exists way beyond your logo and interestingly, the International Sign Association has developed a guideline they call the ABCs of signage. They state at a minimum, your sign should Attract new customers, Brand the business and Create impulse sales.

Signage has always been an effective, silent salesman critical in enabling customers to find you, so here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether your signage measures up:

Size – consider the area you have to work with for each sign. You do not need to utilise all the space available and shout your message to the road; just ensure it is visible from where your customers (and prospective customers) will be looking. Location – this is critical in getting your sign noticed. Too high and it will be out of eyesight. Too low and it will be hidden amongst or behind trees. Check each signage placement’s line of sight to ensure it is captured from many directions.

Luminance – a great way to extend your brand awareness is to illuminate your signage. If your trading hours extend into the evening then this is a must.

Contrast – ensuring your sign stands out from its surroundings is an essential part of its recognition, so try not to place a green sign next to green trees to avoid a case of blending in.

Design – using the right media for
the right purpose will extend the lifespan of your signage. Ensuring your signs
are protected against harsh UV rays
and constructed with cyclone standards in mind will save you money in the
long run.

The more senses you can connect with and/or stimulate, the closer you are to striking emotion and driving potential customers to act. My tips for developing your sign’s content are simple.

Clear – keep your sign’s background clear so as to not distract from your key message. Less is always better in signage.

Concise – say what is necessary and keep your text limited to one message. The most effective signs are often the most simple.

Relevant – know the purpose for your sign. If it’s a directional sign, use visual cues like arrows. If it’s a sales advertisement, keep the message simple.

Practical – think about what your customers are doing as they view your sign. Most billboards for example have no use for a phone number, as your prospective customers are often passing by at 80km/hr and have no time to capture that detail.

Legible – ensure all text can be read at the distance you require it. Large format signage requires a different design approach than print or digital advertising. We recommend using a qualified marketer’s advice in the wording and content of your signage to ensure all fonts are legible and suit your purpose.

If you are wanting more, head over to our website and watch Episode 16 of #BuzzTMF for more tips on signage to help customers find you.

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