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Secrets revealed… What’s in our marketing toolkit!

We are all hearing how the digital world has changed so many industries and how businesses are forced to go about business in new and innovative ways simply to survive. Well, the digital world has surely hit our industry, the marketing industry and like never before in our teams’ career have we ever experienced such a shift and change in what we do. 

Gone are the days of us relying on a trusty computer with email software and Microsoft Office, a calculator to get the numbers exactly right, and a sharp pencil to scribble down business owners’ wishes and magically turn them into an amazing experience that customers are prepared to pay for. The modern-day marketer has so many tools in their toolkit, it’s not only heavy to lug around (theoretically speaking), but with so many exciting, new offers making crazy life-changing claims, it really is hard to keep up! 

So, we thought we would reveal just a few of our secret tools that keep our team in order, on task and accountable. 



Having a fully coded website with a content management system will allow you to update your text regularly, add pages and images to keep you ranking highly with Google. We are regularly updating clients’ websites in WordPress and as it has a great collection of plug-ins and widgets, customising a website to suit your individual needs is easy. The most important thing to remember when planning your website content is to make the user experience your priority and ensure that it looks professional and is easy to navigate. This will further drive visitation and keep them there longer. 

Google Analytics 

Knowing what your online users are clicking on and where they spend their time on your site are just two of the features this software offers. It is also one of the most-used web analytics services and exists to improve engagement and click through rates. By tracking how users have landed on your website and what devices they use to get there, you can tailor your content to create an even better experience. Your website should never be set and forget, it needs to be constantly updated. Monitoring your visitation and tracking increases and decreases in relation to any promotional campaigns you run, also provides you with vital measurement of success. 


The importance of creating and having your own database of customers that you regularly communicate with is essential to creating long-term customers and builds further on word of mouth and referrals. Mailchimp offers a simple and easy service, with free and paid options. In 2016, it was reported that MailChimp was sending 1 billion emails each day. It offers great integration across many other digital platforms and just like its customers it is quickly growing. In just a few clicks you can manage lists, add subscribers and send campaigns. 

Social Media Scheduling Apps  

Keeping an active presence on social media does not mean spending eight hours of the day on there. Business owners need to commit to at least 30 minutes of social media each day to schedule their posts and respond to messages (depending on your business, you may need much longer). If you are finding that this is taking up too much of your day, then using a scheduling app to easily monitor conversations and schedule content across a variety of channels is the answer. Hootsuite and Buffer are great platforms that allow you to connect and grow online. They also offer their own form of reports and analytics that allow you to monitor each campaign’s performance. 


Need help with your digital marketing? 

Marketing is our business at The Marketing Factory, contact us to find out how we can help you through: 

• Support and strategy – no point going into the jungle without a map right! We are your guides through the depths of social media, and will create a clear plan identifying why you are on social media and what you want out of it.  

• Experience and wisdom – we have learnt many lessons along the way and are saving our clients time and most importantly money by being ahead of the game. 

• Creative writing ability – our team of wordsmiths and journalists can create captivating content that will have your online audiences wanting more.

• Incredible photos and videos – not only can we capture and produce photos and videos, we have access to amazing photo libraries and software to create compelling and persuasive posts. 

• Reports and measurement – by tracking your reach and engagement you will see your online presence grow right before your eyes.

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