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Most people like to watch

In 2016, we wrote about the power of video marketing and how it was on the rise. Now in 2019, video continues to grow and dominates the shopping experience. And here are some interesting statistics; almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store, says Google. Google adds that 40% of millennials trust YouTube for content; and 60% say videos they’ve watched have changed their world view. 

With world views being changed, this is your opportunity to start spreading the good news story that you want shared. So, if you have a fear of being in front of the camera, we thought we would name a few of the many options you have when looking to incorporate video into your business, so that you can get busy thinking about which ones you want to start making.

These are just like written blogs that you are familiar with, just in a video format. Sharing valuable information about your industry with a video can come across more sincere and really showcase that your team are experts in their field, as viewers can see first-hand the knowledge and passion you have for your products or service. 

Are you speaking at an upcoming event? If so, arrange for someone to video this and then share it with a wider audience. We are all familiar with the famous TED talks. These people are just regular guys and gals just like us looking to increase their brand awareness. There is no need to wait for an invitation to a TED Talk though, film your next presentation and allow the energy from that day to last longer. 


“…almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store, says Google.”


There is a reason the 12-year-old girls of today are better and more experienced than me at applying makeup. And the reason is that they are devoted followers of tutorial videos that showcase how to achieve certain looks by taking you through a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself. This type of video is not only informative, but empowering. If you have a product that requires instruction, consider making a tutorial video to engage and empower future customers. 

These types of videos aren’t for car companies alone, demonstration videos show how products work and take the audience behind the scenes to showcase it working at its full potential. If written instructions are intensive, creating an engaging video could be a great way to lighten the heavy amount and detail of information. Remember that most people take in important information differently and video can provide a visual, audio and written dialogue that ticks all boxes. This could include filming an unboxing to showcase what’s included in within the packaging. 

Hosting a webinar can be a great way to build a database and speak to an interested audience. By conducting a free webinar and offering your perspective and information on a topic, you can entice potential customers further down your sales funnel and drive leads.  

Do you have a great team culture? If so, this can be a powerful tool in marketing your business. Keeping a great culture a secret is a missed opportunity. How about producing a video sharing a day in the life of one of your team members? It could include showing your state-of-the-art facilities or technology, how you celebrate birthdays, host meetings and the fun that makes up every work day at your business can help attract the right people including future employees and customers. 

If you have loyal customers that keep returning to your business, then you have the right ingredients to film short grabs from these people. You can ask questions like what products or services they like most, how these products or services have made a difference to them and what problem they resolved. Just check your industry regulations to ensure you are able to use testimonials as part of your marketing.  

If you are not currently making any videos, make it one of your 2019 goals, and if you need any help getting things started, our team would be happy to chat.

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