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Marketing goals for your business

As Brand Manager for The Marketing Factory, Tracey is passionate about delivering solutions for business and developing long-term relationships with her clients.

It’s true, every business needs goals to strive towards. The more goals set, the more results achieved. The more a team is actively involved in creating and developing business goals, the likelihood of these goals being achieved doubles. So what do you have to lose? With a new year comes new opportunities, so in order for your business to capitalise on the opportunities that present themselves, we have compiled a list of goals to assist you look your professional best.

Your Website
Ensure you have a responsive website, meaning it can be viewed on a mobile device. If you Google any kind of research calculating the amount of internet use on a mobile device, you will see that it trumps laptops and PCs. Simply having a static online presence is no longer enough and businesses need to make the shift now before they are left behind.

Start Filming
The consumption of online video has been increasing for years and is such a powerful tool to tell your brand, business or product story. Videos can be easily shared across social media networks and if you remember to keep them short and snappy, you will be surprised with the reach they can deliver.

Get Social
If you would like to engage in a different level of conversation with your current and potential customers, having a social media presence is ideal. Remember that social media is mea


nt to be just that… social, so don’t be the pushy salesman that no one particularly likes. Rather grow your fan base by providing great content about your industry that people just can’t seem to do without.

Commit to a Relationship
Who do we all like doing business with? The people we like of course! Relationship marketing is building trust from reviews of others on their experience with your business. With the amount of opportunities customers have to comment on your business, ensure it is a positive one by creating ‘wow’ moments and delivering beyond their expectations. Not only will it foster a ‘customer for life’ strategy, the word of mouth will spread and generate new business leads.
It’s All About the Content
The old saying goes ‘Content is King’ and rightly so. It’s great to have a website, make a super cool video and be tweeting every day, but if the content you are publishing is crap; then it’s all a waste of time. With major search engine networks looking to expand their capabilities, ensuring you own your industry and create leading content has never been more important. Business perceptions are created by what people see, hear and read so pay particular attention to finding a hidden wordsmith in your team.

Plan and Budget
Create a strategy and set yourself limits. It’s no good to ask what happened with the marketing funds once they are spent. Plan your marketing activity over a 12 month period and align a budget amount to each item. Make sure you review after each activity or each month to ensure you are on track or if anything needs adjusting. Trialing new ideas and concepts, reviewing and measuring their success or failure and adjusting until it works. Some businesses give up after one failed attempt and this is only the beginning of the journey.

If you decide these things are beyond your team’s time and capacity, please feel free to give us a call at The Factory to arrange a catch up where we can discuss bringing your goals to life in 2016.

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