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How’s your findability?

Ok so before you go and look up a dictionary to see whether this word exists, treat me to a few more minutes of your time… I thought this word was the best possible describer of a crucial part of business survival and one every owner should ask “is my business easily found? I liken this concept to a supermarket shelf, with all the popular items placed at eye height, and the not as important items placed at ankle level or out of reach. Now, I’m not the tallest person, so I’m used to reaching for most things, but I can definitely tell if an item has more shelf priority than another.

So what happens to those items that are too hard to find? Do we give up on them and go for another item that is front of us, or do we show a little more patience and keep searching for a few more minutes? This would really depend on the person and the item in question, if the shopper has strong alignment with that item, then the search may continue, but if it’s just soy sauce that we want, then any ole soy sauce might do. So now let’s place our business in this situation… Are you easily found? Or are your competitors more predominantly positioned? This is all within our control and if you think a move would be more profitable in the long run, then go for it

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