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Hottest Design Trends in 2020

If you are looking for some inspiration to elevate your business’ image this year, our team has gathered together our creative energy, along with a few outlandish predictions to what might be on trend and eye catching right now.

Over the past decade we have seen a heavy use of script, calligraphy and handwritten fonts. Well, let me tell you, those days are over. This year, design is all about breaking the rules and making an impact without shouting. It’s about getting the message across in a simple fashion that leads the mind to thought. 


“This year, design is all about breaking the rules and making an impact without shouting.”


Design is forever changing and evolving, so getting on board with the next trend can come with some concern, as businesses don’t want to be left behind and appear outdated or not in vogue. At the same time, you want the design elements that you use in any advertising or communications for your business to really reflect the personality of your branding, and that’s where a marketing or branding professional is a worthwhile resource – they can help decipher which trends will work for your brand, and how exactly those trends could work best for you. 

Welcome to our hottest list.

1. Minimalism
Some say less is best and you are either a lover of white space on a page or not, but current trends are certainly dictating that white space is king. This new decade is challenging us to make every word on the page be there for a reason, rather than filling the page with unnecessary text. This applies to your all of your branding too – logo, window signage, vehicle wraps, brochures and letterheads, the whole hog.

1. Bold, chunky fonts
Bold fonts on a simple background are all the rage right now. If you are currently using a font you’re attached to, stick with it and see if there is a bold or extra bold version in that same font family. Simple and small changes to your font and use of a simple background image can immediately bring a modern and innovative appearance to your marketing material and business. 

2. Vintage colours are back
Step aside neon bright, it’s time to turn back the clock and mute the intensity. Think of a subtle colour palette including pastels, watercolours and natural tones. This also includes grayscale and monochromatic colour effects on pictures. In our production studio, we are all crushing hard on the choice of colour filters at our fingertips. Put simply, it involves desaturating the image with a complimentary colour, white or black. 

3. Abstract illustrations
Unique and organic illustrations are here with a more abstract feel, calling for designers to unleash their Picasso within and construct a movement that was never there before. Expect to see human figures, buildings and products be portrayed in an imaginative way. 

4. Animation explosion
Custom designed animations are on the rise as big brand companies fight to get noticed and create a competitive edge. Expect to see GIFs and moving images in every digital space possible. 

5. 3D Depth and realism
Thanks to modern technology and software programs, this year we will continue to see photos and 2D objects be transformed right before our very eyes. 

6. Unique fonts
Artistic typography is a craze that designers have been playing with to generate an innovative and modern edge to their work. Decorated with flowers, geometric shapes and other creative elements, fonts get a new lease on life. 

7. Colour gradients
We have seen a recent increase in using gradients of colour as a background to logos, advertisements and publication design, as an alternative to background images and patterned illustrations. Colour gradients are a simple, clean way to compliment complex illustrations while showing depth and texture.  

8. Real images
Generally, as a society we are seeking more realistic images in advertising. We have grown tired of the “airbrush” and portrayal of how humans should look, whether you are a man, woman or child and welcome the raw image that we can relate to. Genuine and authentic photographs is something to consider next time you are looking at a photo of yourself and wanting more photoshop! 

Want more? Stay tuned for further updates on our social pages, or drop in and see the team for some great inspiration. 

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