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Don’t Blend In

You can easily remember what the geeky kid wore at school. The clothes they wore, the way they styled their hair (or lack of styling). But how many of us can remember what the majority of kids wore? Was it memorable, or was it similar to what we ourselves were wearing? Being a teenager was a tough gig and to avoid being singled out we chose to blend in. So when these teens grow up to own and run businesses, how do we get the blending in gene out of our mindset and desire to be more like the geeky kids and really stand out. Being different is not only wonderful, it is allows you to easily get noticed and demand immediate attention. Now, I’m not saying go out and do something absolutely crazy in business, but what I am suggesting is that brands that have the ability to be a bit weird, get noticed and remain memorable. Ensuring you choose the right brand experience is critical to you looking like hero, not a half wit!

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