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Creating Winning Partnerships

Sometimes in business we can get stuck, doing the same things we’ve always done and talking to the same people we always have. Our family, our friends, our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers are all important people that we juggle to give attention to every week to meet the demands of life and business. But what if we made time each week to extend ourselves outside our traditional circles and consider engaging with a new group? This new group could consist of people or businesses that you traditionally may consider as competition, but if you are all trying to hit the same target, then why not increase your strike rate by teaming up? If teaming up with your competitor is something you are just not ready to consider, how about looking for groups that could benefit from utilising your services/products? They could be made up of a large portion of your target market, or a new target market group that you are trying to hit. Partnering up with a group of prequalified people that need or currently use your product/service and exposing them to your brand over your competitors is a great way to build new business. Remember, there must be a mutual benefit for both parties, so giving an incentive/prize/reward always helps. The results of a partnership vary and depend greatly on the passion of the people involved. Be sure that you set clear inclusions of the partnership upfront, outline objectives and create a timeline so it can be reviewed and meet regularly. So if anyone can see an opportunity to partner with The Marketing Factory, I welcome your call.

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