In an instant

If you struggle to find the time for social media in your business but really want to be seen online, then Instagram just might be your answer! As the name suggests, Instagram works instantly, and is a social networking tool that allows users to share photos and videos taken from a
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Who am I?

Seems like a simple enough question to answer, but it often leaves business owners and managers fumbling for words. Understanding who you are and what makes your business truly unique can open up a world of opportunities. And just like a clear vision keeps your team heading in the right
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Traditional vs Digital Marketing

At the Factory we are often asked where a business should be spending their marketing dollars — on traditional or digital channels. This is never a one-word answer. We always recommend a combination of both. Whilst we are in a digital era, it is very easy to get caught up on
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Starting a new Business

As Brand Manager for The Marketing Factory, Tracey is passionate about delivering solutions for business and developing long-term relationships with her clients. So you’ve decided to start a new business. Firstly, congratulations! It’s a big leap of faith to leave full-time employment and back your own ability to start a new
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Are you Building a Business or a Great Brand?

If you are a business owner or manager today, then it is highly likely that you are a very busy person. You have lots on your mind, including all the responsibilities from staffing to revenue raising and profitability. It is fair to say that as modern day business people, it
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