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The Power of Video Marketing

When it comes to getting people’s attention, video is where it’s at! The statistics speak for themselves; by 2017 up to 70% of all consumer internet traffic will be video and 50% of this will be shared and engaged with. Can you believe it? Yes, believe it! It’s already happening now.

Video marketing is taking the world by storm, but realising and unleashing its full potential is a clever art. Like most things in the digital industry, it’s quite simple for anyone to have a turn at producing a video, but making one that works and delivers a result for your business is what The Marketing Factory offers. I am proud to be a part of a team of people that has not only the technical skills to produce and edit a great video, but the knowledge and experience to craft a sensational script. They say that the ‘proof is in the pudding’ and the real power is in the content. You can have one million people watch your video, but if they don’t understand the message or what you want them to do next, then your video was a waste of time, no matter how many views you had.

If you are fans of our Facebook page you would have seen our #BuzzTMF series of videos. If you haven’t, then stop reading immediately and go and like our page! Ha! Of course the videos have been fun, informative and we are giving away a bunch of great adobestock_98036970ideas for free. Some people would say, why? And to that question, we say, why not? Everybody loves free! It does so many great things for your business like creating a buzz and conversation; it sparks an interest in your business and drives positive brand associations. If you are in a service industry, attaching your free offer to an email data capture can be really valuable in generating a database of potential customers. The #BuzzTMF videos have been shot an

d produced exclusively by our in-house team, with
no third party involvement. This enables us to manage edits and any future video requirements efficiently and affordably. We have the ability to produce videos for any business in the world and welcome enquiries of all shapes, types and sizes to contact us.

Combine video with other marketing channels and you are onto a sure-fire winner! At The Marketing Factory, we have the ability to connect your video with social media or any of the traditional forms of advertising. Why not turn that video into a punchy TV ad, or how about using the graphics on a billboard or even a flyer to support the offer you have created? The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination. If your current marketing agency isn’t recommending video production as part of your marketing strategy, then it’s possibly time to start looking for a new agency. Video is the future and the early adopters are the smart ones who can see the opportunity that is right in front of us, right now!

We welcome you to take a look at our video marketing packages. They are a great add-on to our social media packages that provide the ultimate online marketing presence for any modern business. adobestock_89109828
Bring your ideas to us and we will bring them to life! Stuck for ideas? No worries! Our team are incredible and are constantly coming up with winning concepts every single day. There is never a dull
moment at The Factory and we love what we do. Seeing the results we are achieving for our clients speak for themselves. We look forward to hearing from you soon and creating an amazing video
especially for you.