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Who we are

We are creative, innovative, qualified and intelligent. We’re gutsy, talented and a little bit cheeky. We are strategic. And we’re results driven. We can’t help it; it’s who we are.

As marketing professionals, our team at The Marketing Factory is highly qualified, greatly experienced and hard working. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we rate in the top 7% of creative industries in Australia, and we’re pretty chuffed at how fast our trophy wall is expanding.

This is because The Marketing Factory is more than just a creator of advertisements; we take a holistic approach to your business’s entire communications strategy. By blending your message with our own special brand of quirkiness and our market knowledge, we can help any sized business get results from their marketing dollars.

Started in 2007, The Marketing Factory responded to the need for a high quality marketing service in North Queensland. Since opening our doors, clients have demanded more than just advertising, and we have tailored the offering of the business to suit the needs of our clients. By attending national marketing conferences and staying abreast of industry best practice, The Marketing Factory is able to deliver marketing excellence to all of our clients. This universal approach to marketing including strategy and delivery is often reserved for metropolitan areas.

The Marketing Factory creates a unique work space, ensuring we attract and retain only the best talent to assist in delivering great results for our clients. Working on new brands and well established household names has positioned us as a highly sought after agency in regional Queensland.


Where we are

Based in the dynamic regional hub of Townsville in North Queensland, we can service clients from the very small to the very big anywhere in Australia or the world.  (With more than 300 days of sunshine each year in North Queensland and an amazing coastal lifestyle, you can’t blame us for building our factory in Townsville!)