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A Client’s Journey: KLP Family Law

At The Marketing Factory we work to position our clients as leaders within their field through creative campaigns. It doesn’t require a large budget to get great results! Let’s take a look at KLP Family Law for example;

Case Study: Positioning your brand / Marketing with a difference

The brief:

I have worked with the KLP Family Law brand since inception. From the beginning, Director Kate Pateman was firm on what she wanted her brand to stand for. She wanted to be known for her point of difference within family law and she wanted to stand out in the market. I spent time getting to know Kate and her team and the vision that they were working towards. I learnt family law can be quite an emotional industry, putting huge amounts of strain on the employees and their clients. Ultimately they are there 100% for their clients to deliver a service when emotions are high and tensions are rising.

It was Kate’s passion to ensure that her clients felt at ease and trusted her to deliver on a result to suit, without the long drawn out procedures. Don’t get me wrong, all cases are dealt with individually and unfortunately some cases are more complicated to settle, however Kate and her team are focused on making the journey as stress free as possible. Hey they might even throw in some humour here and there just to help make you smile and catch a glimmer of better times ahead.


The process:

As a new business we were conscious of the budget we allocated to get the KLP Family Law brand out into the market. Market research was carried out in the local target area to see how their competitors were positioned and what they were doing to sell their points of difference. Establishing KLP Family Law’s strong points of difference was the easy part.

The partners at KLP have quite the sense of humour and this allowed us to get creative with campaign concepts, all whilst upholding the serious side of the industry to get our message out there. Dealing only in family law, they are results-driven, proactive, supportive and most importantly there for you every step of the way.

A marketing plan was devised and implemented using a diverse media platform to deliver. Magazine advertisements and editorial established a branding base for the KLP Family Law brand and was supported by TV advertising. To create interest in between all of this? We designed creative vehicle graphics that drew on emotions and had you thinking.

KLP Family Law is well established in the Townsville market and has gone on to attract clients from surrounding regions. This success was the result of a clear expectation and vision. It was also from trusting in the team at The Marketing Factory to deliver a branding campaign that tested the more conventional way of advertising a message.

The result:

We have worked with The Marketing Factory since we began KLP, in particular Bree. We didn’t realise at that initial stage how beneficial our relationship would be. In fact at one stage we did have to have a serious conversation with Bree about how much work we were picking up from the great work she was doing for us!

With the marketing strategy and plan, Bree worked out for us, we were getting new client calls to the extent that we were being booked out two weeks in advance! We wanted something very different for our marketing from all the other law firms – we wanted to be fresh, innovative with a splash of humour. We didn’t want to have the usual boring law firm type of marketing. Bree understood that and what we were trying to achieve straight off the bat, which was refreshing. In fact some of the proposals that Bree and Amber gave us as jokes actually made it to final cuts! And that is what we love about TMF – it is not just a business relationship, it goes beyond that. TMF is a part of the KLP team: we really couldn’t see our business without Bree’s input into our marketing direction.

Kate Pateman
KLP Family Law

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